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Our authors

Léandre POURCELOT is a French engineer, doctor and researcher who invented and perfected ultrasound-Doppler devices. Winner of numerous prizes from the National Academy of Medicine, the Academy of Sciences and many others, he is also co-founder of the French Society for the Application of Ultrasounds in Medicine and Biology of the Club Doppler de France and the Thérèse-et-René-Planiol Foundation for the study of the brain and member of numerous learned societies. He is decorated with the Commander's Cross of the National Order of Merit.

Leandre Pourcelot

Marina ANCA is a French writer. She made a career in fashion and advertising before publishing bilingual children's stories, available in two versions: French-English and French-Spanish, for all children, from 3 to 12 years old! Indeed, the sentences are simple for the little ones and more elaborate for the older ones. Then, from the age of 9, children can practice reading the other column of each page in the second language. Passionate about photography, the author illustrates her books with photos taken during her travels.

Marina ANCA

Magalie MOULANIER is a French writer, member of the writers' group “Bien livres à Châlons”. Emotions, tinged with a thousand-and-one colours of the dream world she invented, are at the heart of her inspiration. Her book “Fripon and Flik Flak prepare the Easter eggs”, offers children a magical tale, which, no doubt, will encourage them even more to find the traditional chocolate eggs.

Magalie Moulanier
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