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O'Loty the squirrel - the children's favorite teacher

Présentation de la collection

Adults will read to kids between 3 and 6 years only the tale written in large print. Those between 6 to 9 will continue reading a more elaborate text. Scholars from 9 to 12 will exercise in the second language.

Cliquez sur la couverture

1. The first story in the series is a cultural ABC-book focusing on nature, geography and other sciences.

2. The second treats about caring for others through the life of endangered birds and animals evolution.

3. The third retraces the history of the American continent and the scientific progress made by men, including that of driving a car at 4 km/hour!

​4. The fourth recounts the evolution of writing until the formation of the Latin alphabet by underlining evolution Latin words entered everyday language, such as “animal” using exercises and games.

5. The fifth volume emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, taking example from the  efforts of Irish scientists to make discoveries.

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